Living Room 2018 Creative Home Entertainment Ideas for Large Space ~ Living Home 2018 Creative Home Entertainment Ideas for Large Space | A house with large space would likely have the big space for home entertainment. However, not all people know the perfect home entertainment ideas to fit their space. In fact, there are several creative ideas for it, which you can use one in your home. First example is the theatre concept, which is suitable home entertainment ideas for the family. Fill the space with sofa in two or three rows and install the giant LED screen high on the wall, to comfort the look from back seat. Then to give theatre sensation, add the red curtain in between the LED screen. Then also match the sofa colors with the curtain color and the wall, as well as choose the sofa shape which is similar to theater sofa, then you will have your private theatre.

Another home entertainment ideas is ‘the Cave’. The main concept is making the home entertainment space like in the cave, which it will need extra effort to realize it. You need to décor the ceiling similar to cave, by installing decorations which similar to stones. It can be made from Styrofoam which is the light material and won’t damage your ceiling and wall area, to create the 3D effect. Another option, in case you don’t want to be bothered a lot, then you can simply paste wallpaper with stones picture on the ceiling. Then give another touch like fake plants on the corner, and use the brown sofa combined with wooden table, and add the pillow in shape of prehistoric stick. That would make the cave concept perfect.

Next home entertainment ideas is the combination with bar, which will be perfect for home entertainment center ideas. The main concept is simple, only have sofa face toward the LED screen, which you can arrange it in I, L, or U shaped. Then, leave space in behind the sofa to install the bar area. It will be perfect for having party in your house, since your guests can pick their own drink from the bar, while other enjoying the movie in front of them. This two-in-one concept will be more perfect if you add certain decoration like bar lights in bar part, and empty wine bottle in the corner of the space.

In fact, most people tended to choose home theatre ideas design. You can also simply make it casual, which is arranging sofa with U shape surrounding the giant LED screen, with or without table, as you prefer. The sofa and some detailed decorations will play important role, but there is one main thing to consider too, which is the lighting. Since it is for home entertainment ideas, then you should choose the smooth lighting, which is not too bright and not too dark. Then, in case you loved cleanliness, then choose the material which doesn’t get dirty easily, especially when you had party there.

Overall, there are still many home entertainment ideas which you can apply in your house. You can choose the perfect design based on your characteristic or ideas, but also mind the details too. But don’t ever try to overdo the decoration, since it will make the spacious area looks narrow which won’t make it comfortable.

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