Matching Basic Color Green Kitchen Walls Oak Cabinets Ideas ~ Matching Basic Color Green Kitchen Walls Oak Cabinets Ideas | Home décor is not only the matter on decorating the main room or living room only. Every single part in the room should also be considered, especially for the kitchen part. Since kitchen is where household serve the food and even gather to eat, then the touch of decoration would play important role in creating the warm atmosphere. In order to make kitchen looks fresh, you can try to apply green kitchen walls. This basic color can be combined with any different color and different appliances, like for example green kitchen walls oak cabinets. You might think that green and oak color doesn’t match each other, but in fact, those color can complement each other perfectly, with certain tips.

In order to match your kitchen decoration with green kitchen walls, firstly you need to think about the green color you choose. There are several green wall painting, such as Mythic Paint April Showers, Valspar Gloaming Green, Pittsburgh Paints Honeydew Melon, Sherwin Williams Gleeful, Benjamin Moore Palm Coast Teal, Pratt & Lambert Frog Belly, Kelly Moore Paints Green Apple Peels, and Behr Grape Green. Each color have the different concentration and smooth level. Like the first mentioned type is basically green but similar to gray and blue, which make it suitable to apply on smooth and modern kitchen concept.

In choosing the color of green kitchen walls, it is very important to maintain the concept of your kitchen first, before applying the wall paint and the appliances. Like in case you want to have green kitchen walls with white cabinets, then the perfect green would be SW Gleeful, or Kelly Moore Paints Green Apple Peels. The color of BM Palm Coast Teal also suitable to combine with white cabinets, but it will give firmer look toward your kitchen, but somehow it looks clean and show the assertive character of the kitchen owner.

It is indeed true that choosing the wall color in the house means that showing the character of the owner, especially in the kitchen part. Some people tended to have the concept of green kitchen walls because of certain reason. Mostly, it is because green resemble the freshness and also cleanliness. However, some people who doesn’t like green color might think the vice versa. In fact, the main thing is to present the best green color, and able to combine the color with the kitchen appliances well. Indeed, it is very tricky to choose the match of green, but the main thing is in choosing the best green to match with the cabinet, appliances, and so on.

After all, you don’t need to worry anymore to present your kitchen with the concept of green kitchen walls. The main thing is to choose the best green first, then choose the best appliances color to match with it. One more example is the green kitchen walls with maple cabinets, which will make the look in your kitchen seems ‘back to the nature’. Most people preferred to combine green with white, but rather than having the same perspective, you can create your own best combination for your kitchen, but mind that don’t overdo in mix-matching the color, otherwise it will make the worst look in your kitchen.

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